As we're moving and settling into our new home, I always like to get the kid's room set up first so they can be settled. In our previous home, I never got to share the kid's rooms, so I'm also excited to be sharing the way their rooms look. Believe it or not, I don't decorate with all white and black in the kid's room, I let it be up to them and then I guide their choices to look put together. The girls are sharing a space, as much as they think they want their own rooms, they really enjoy sharing a room for the most part. I like the idea of them being together which also means they get the bigger room. I'll make this blog post in two parts, part one I will show you what Noah's room looks like empty. Since his room is the most finished as far as painting goes and windows, we won't be changing much about his room, only adding decor. I'll also share a few inspiration pictures for what look we like (Noah and me). He specifically told me he wanted the colors, orange, blue, grey, green, and white in his room, the only thing that threw me off in that color combo was orange and green, but what he meant by orange is actually mustard, and what he meant by green is actually mint.  His IKEA play kitchen is mint and that's the green he showed me, and he has a mustard-colored shirt and that's the orange he likes. I'm excited to put all of those colors together into one room.

Here is what his room looks like right now. It's got beautiful wainscotting all around in white, and the top wall is painted a navy blue. The previous owners left the light fixtures on the wall and in the ceiling(I might switch those out, now that I know how to).

Here are some inspiration pictures for the look we're going for. Nothing screams minimal about these pictures, which I know is what you're used to seeing from me, but when it comes to kids rooms I really feel like they should feel creative and fun, we don't have a designated playroom in our new home so there will be some play going on in the rooms as well, what I like about these rooms that my husband calls " The toys on the floor look" is that they look lived in and they look designed by kids.

In this room, he loves the big mushroom cushion and moon hanging and strawberry.

In this room, he loves the ramp, and the rattlesnakes and the flying air balloon.

In this room, he loves the big crocodile. 

In this room, he likes the light-up cloud over the bed and the mushrooms on the shelf.