13 March 2017

Saffiyah Turns 9!

Hey Readers,

So Saffiyah turned 9! I remember being pregnant with her I prayed so hard for her to be a girl, because I had this beautiful idea of having two girls close in age which came true and I loved every part of it, til this day I'm so happy and blessed to have my girls they are best friends. Saffiyah is so wise beyond her age, I always thought of all the things I would have to teach my kids about life, but the kids are teaching me so many lessons, it's a beautiful thing.

This past weekend was a busy weekend for us, we don't really go all out for birthdays, but we try to make it special for the kids and have a little fun, it's usually just a family affair so we take some pictures and do something nice with the kids. Saffiyah wanted to go see Beauty and the Beast, which doesn't come out until later this week, so we will do that next weekend. She also went to a pajama party so she got to see her friends, and we took some cute pictures at home. What do you guys do for birthdays, if you don't celebrate big. I don't like to dissmiss it, but I also don't want my kids forming a sense of entitlement, just trying to find a nice balance, leave me your ideas.

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