23 February 2017

Girls room decor Inspiration

Hey Readers,

So I guess after my last post, I felt very inspired by the beautiful pink and purple balloons, I have to admit I havent been a big fan of pink, but it's growing on me, especially when it doesn't remind me of Barbie. So if you follow me on Instagram then you know my girls have been gone for a bit, they went to visit their dad. So I thought it was a perfect time to change out their room decor, well one thing led to another, and it ended up being me completely moving them to another room, and also building them new beds (can't wait to show you the process). Their current room which I won't be showing just never really came together quite the way I had imagined, I did put a lot of work into it, but at the end of the day it didn't live up to my standards, so I have very high expectations for this new design, and not so much time. They are coming back in like two days and so far nothing is close to done, I shouldn't even be making this blog post, I have things to do. But this is a little Inspiration board that I put together for the vision of their new room. Stay tuned for the results.

Benjamin More Elephant Pink

Pottery Barn ( I'm building my own using Ana White free building plans)

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