13 January 2017

Living Room Makeover

Hey Readers,

I've had a long to do list for 2016, many of those things I'm going to roll over to my 2017 to do list. But one thing I had really wanted to do for a while was change out our living room decor,  we live in an apartment, and being renters can limit you when it comes to decorating and renovating your home. I just kept it very simple yet beautiful in my opinion. So today I'm going to share a few pictures that I've taken.

Chairs From Target
Pillows From Target.com

Milk Jug From Target.com

Falsa Blanket From Friend

Rug from Overstock.com

Wall Clock From Lowe's

Wall Art From Overstock.Com
Islamic Calligraphy From www.Iradaarts.com


Let me know what you think :)