21 November 2016


 I've been through a lot of diaper bags, purses, back packs etc. So I consider myself pretty knowledgeable in the bag department. Through all of my bag experience I've definitely discovered what works for me and what does not work. One thing I knew I wanted for sure when looking for a diaper bag was something that could convert into a backpack. This pretty much narrowed down my search.

Next I knew that I wanted something esthetically pleasing to my sense of style, which narrowed it down to black and white stripes. Just kidding, but if you know about my love for black and white stripes then my bag of choice shouldn't surprise you. I also needed pockets and lots of them because as you know with kids and women, we just have a bunch of stuff, and the more pockets the more organized I can try to be. Through my Instagram searches I found this lovely diaper bag from COCO+KIWI.  Its called the Provence diaper bag. Jenna the owner, is a mom and entrepreneur which made me even more excited to support this company. She suggested that I sign up for their newsletter, which I did and literally the following week this bag was on their spooky halloween sales, which saved me a significant amount of money. But to tell you the truth, this bag is almost always sold out because it really is a beautiful bag. I can definitely recommend it. It retails at $110 and I think its worth it. It can be used for more than just a diaper bag.  I just came back from a weekend trip to the mountains where I was also able to use this as my son's travel bag for all his stuff. This bag is just so lovely and chic makes me feel really put together walking out with this beautiful bag. 

These beautiful faux leather details are so amazing against the black and white. They didn't skimp on details when it came to this bag.

Changing pad and stroller attachments are also included.

It also came with this attached wet bag which is attached by a zipper on the inside. I use it to keep snacks that are opened. Its super convenient because it keeps the bag from being messy.

Let me know what you think I'm in love, and I am excited taking this out with me wherever I go.

Sincerely Saida

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