26 August 2016

Nursery tour and Goals

Hello guys!

I recently shared Noah's nursery tour on my youtube channel, and I figured I would post a few pictures that I wanted to remember from the day his room was clean. Just kidding. Actually it's not that bad, we do clean ups, but let's be real kids can never keep a place clutter free. For me the thing that makes it work, is not having a lot of toys. He barely even plays with everything he has now, so to not overwhelm myself with cleaning I keep only the toys I know he loves and will play with. Anyways, if you didn't see the tour, or if you would like to pin some of these pictures for inspiration here you go. I'll list where everything is from as well.

Rocker Glidder: BabiesRus

Honey Comb Shelves* : Target
Picture Frames*: Target
Wooden Letter*: Target
Succulents: Target
* Note I painted all of them to my desired look, if you find them in Target they will be plain *

Oscar : Target

Nesting dolls: Amazon
Wooden toys: Gifts from family and friends

Crib: Target
Arrows: Target

Pillow: Target
Sheets: Target

Rug: Target
Blanket: Target

World Globe: Target
Mon oculars: Amazon
Vintage notebook: Hubby

Vintage Guitar: Hubby's Grandma

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