10 August 2015

Nurses Gift basket!

Hey guys! I made it to full term. Excuse my lack of posts, but I've been growing a baby. To be honest the energy levels have been pretty low for the last 3 months, and whatever energy I had I had to spend on my first priorities, therefore blogging and Youtube-ing had to be on a hold. Luckily I'm feeling pretty excited that I'm full term and knowing that this baby could come anytime now has given me some extra energy to get ready... I guess I have a case of the nesting.

Being so close to labor, makes me remember my other two labors. My first was an emergency c-section at 35 weeks I was not prepared at all, but the amount of support and care that was shown by the nurses was amazing, I even went back to visit them. And I thought about them for a long time after. My second pregnancy was a VBAC (Vaginal birth after caesarean) I wen't into labor at 37+5 weeks and I had not packed my bags. So this time around I'm making sure that my bags are packed, and I'm even bringing a little treat to thank my nurses.
look out for my "What's in my hospital bag" video that I'll be uploading to my youtube channel.

Here is what I'm giving my nurses, please share this idea and feel free to use it yourself. Let me know what you would give to your nurses. ;)

  1. Eos hand lotion (I personally love this brand)
  2. Bath & Body Works pocket hand sanitizers ( Great thing about these are that they always have great deals on them. In this case I got 6 for 6 dollars)
  3. Pack of gum! (Well who doesn't love gum?)
  4. Ferrero Roche (Chocolate enough said!!! ;)
  5. Thank you card! 

Oh And in case you were wondering I made 6 bags. I'm not sure what the average amount of nurses assigned to each person is over 48 hours, but I figured I would have 2 a day, and I just made sure I had enough for 2 days.