16 April 2015

Crepes with yogurt!

Crepes with yogurt!


3 cups of flour
2 eggs
1 cup sugar

Mix flour with sugar eggs and water until batter is runny but still thick.

On stove warm a skillet and apply small amount of oil I use coconut oil.

add your mix to your skillet, make sure not too much oil otherwise it will be hard to move your batter around to make it round. cook on both sides until u get the brownness you like :)

15 April 2015

Baybeezzzzz Babyshower for my friend!

So I've been away from the blogging scene, a lot has happened, if you follow me on social media you would know that I'm expecting baby #3 yay! I'm so lucky to have a couple of friends who are expecting as well so it's a whole baby making world for me right now, I'm so happy and excited for my friends. One of my friends is due in June, and myself and some of out mutual friends got together to throw her a cute little party, we didn't do much, but it still turned out really great. Just thought I would share some pictures for good memory sake :)

The banner says Bay-bee shower for mommy to bee Kayla :)

The dessert table!

Chocolate covered strawberries! Yum these were so good!

Pick a theme, makes it more easier to get things, our theme was Bee's Apsari managed to make the cupcakes look like little bees how cute

I loved the pitcher idea, we mixed mango juice with ginger ale it tasted so good.

Use your tv as a banner if you can, that way you're not wasting any paper because who keeps those banners anyways :)

It turned out so well, and best of all I got to see smiles on the faces of my friends which was the best part, it was so great.