04 March 2015

Home made Mocha Latte

Good day guys! I've been taking a little time off from the blog, but today I wanted to share this delicious home made recipe for a mocha latte, I think it tastes just like the ones I get at coffee shops, so I'm excited to be able to make it from home now. My husband recently bought an espresso maker, it's one of those traditional ones. I can't believe we never knew about them before. But you can also use coffee if you don't have an espresso maker.

Here is what my espresso maker looks like

Packed with just regular coffee, you can grind up fresh Coffee beans for a better taste


Nestle Cocoa powder

I'm not going to put measurements because it all depends on the cup you're using. Just make a regular cup of hot chocolate, but leave room to add a shot of Espresso or Coffee and if you're using Coffee you may want to add more than if you were using Espresso. Lastly you add the Espresso/Coffee to your hot chocolate. Top it with whip-cream if you want to be fancy, and I dusted mine with cocoa powder. That's it! super easy and delicious, hope you like it.