12 January 2015

From Trash to Treasure

If you're not new to my blog, then you'll know I love giving furniture a makeover, and even 
better if they are old and someone just want's to get rid of them. Yay for free stuff!. I came across this piece outside by the dumpster, and I was on the look out for a piece of furniture for my kitchen that could save as extra storage and as a buffet style for when I had people over. I immediately saw potential in this piece and dragged it up to my place. Truthfully it took me weeks before I got started on refurbishing it, I was busy finish off the semester. Once I had the chance I got started. I already knew I wanted to paint it a bold color, and I wanted to stain the top. I also decided that two shelves would be better than 3. We bought new wood for the shelves, because the previous ones were actually just used to hold the drawers to the dresser so they would have not been sturdy enough. I also bought wood putty to fix a few cracks in the piece, that was my first time experimenting with wood putty and it was super duper easy. I stained the top with a Mahogany Bombay stain, and painted the rest turquoise. All in all it turned out so great, my husband helped with a lot of the harder work. And I'm loving my new buffet/extra storage space in my kitchen.

Here are a few pictures of the process, one thing I didn't mention is to make sure you do this project outside in a ventilated area, we did move the stuff back and forth due to the weather. if you work inside just make sure to cover your floors and open up windows for ventilation. 

That stain was way to close to my carpet don't be like me guys! Way to risky


  1. I love how this turned out! Little DIY projects like this are awesome and they can turn a regular piece into something sooo nice!!


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