10 August 2015

Nurses Gift basket!

Hey guys! I made it to full term. Excuse my lack of posts, but I've been growing a baby. To be honest the energy levels have been pretty low for the last 3 months, and whatever energy I had I had to spend on my first priorities, therefore blogging and Youtube-ing had to be on a hold. Luckily I'm feeling pretty excited that I'm full term and knowing that this baby could come anytime now has given me some extra energy to get ready... I guess I have a case of the nesting.

Being so close to labor, makes me remember my other two labors. My first was an emergency c-section at 35 weeks I was not prepared at all, but the amount of support and care that was shown by the nurses was amazing, I even went back to visit them. And I thought about them for a long time after. My second pregnancy was a VBAC (Vaginal birth after caesarean) I wen't into labor at 37+5 weeks and I had not packed my bags. So this time around I'm making sure that my bags are packed, and I'm even bringing a little treat to thank my nurses.
look out for my "What's in my hospital bag" video that I'll be uploading to my youtube channel.

Here is what I'm giving my nurses, please share this idea and feel free to use it yourself. Let me know what you would give to your nurses. ;)

  1. Eos hand lotion (I personally love this brand)
  2. Bath & Body Works pocket hand sanitizers ( Great thing about these are that they always have great deals on them. In this case I got 6 for 6 dollars)
  3. Pack of gum! (Well who doesn't love gum?)
  4. Ferrero Roche (Chocolate enough said!!! ;)
  5. Thank you card! 

Oh And in case you were wondering I made 6 bags. I'm not sure what the average amount of nurses assigned to each person is over 48 hours, but I figured I would have 2 a day, and I just made sure I had enough for 2 days.
16 April 2015

Crepes with yogurt!

Crepes with yogurt!


3 cups of flour
2 eggs
1 cup sugar

Mix flour with sugar eggs and water until batter is runny but still thick.

On stove warm a skillet and apply small amount of oil I use coconut oil.

add your mix to your skillet, make sure not too much oil otherwise it will be hard to move your batter around to make it round. cook on both sides until u get the brownness you like :)

15 April 2015

Baybeezzzzz Babyshower for my friend!

So I've been away from the blogging scene, a lot has happened, if you follow me on social media you would know that I'm expecting baby #3 yay! I'm so lucky to have a couple of friends who are expecting as well so it's a whole baby making world for me right now, I'm so happy and excited for my friends. One of my friends is due in June, and myself and some of out mutual friends got together to throw her a cute little party, we didn't do much, but it still turned out really great. Just thought I would share some pictures for good memory sake :)

The banner says Bay-bee shower for mommy to bee Kayla :)

The dessert table!

Chocolate covered strawberries! Yum these were so good!

Pick a theme, makes it more easier to get things, our theme was Bee's Apsari managed to make the cupcakes look like little bees how cute

I loved the pitcher idea, we mixed mango juice with ginger ale it tasted so good.

Use your tv as a banner if you can, that way you're not wasting any paper because who keeps those banners anyways :)

It turned out so well, and best of all I got to see smiles on the faces of my friends which was the best part, it was so great.

04 March 2015

Home made Mocha Latte

Good day guys! I've been taking a little time off from the blog, but today I wanted to share this delicious home made recipe for a mocha latte, I think it tastes just like the ones I get at coffee shops, so I'm excited to be able to make it from home now. My husband recently bought an espresso maker, it's one of those traditional ones. I can't believe we never knew about them before. But you can also use coffee if you don't have an espresso maker.

Here is what my espresso maker looks like

Packed with just regular coffee, you can grind up fresh Coffee beans for a better taste


Nestle Cocoa powder

I'm not going to put measurements because it all depends on the cup you're using. Just make a regular cup of hot chocolate, but leave room to add a shot of Espresso or Coffee and if you're using Coffee you may want to add more than if you were using Espresso. Lastly you add the Espresso/Coffee to your hot chocolate. Top it with whip-cream if you want to be fancy, and I dusted mine with cocoa powder. That's it! super easy and delicious, hope you like it.

12 January 2015

From Trash to Treasure

If you're not new to my blog, then you'll know I love giving furniture a makeover, and even 
better if they are old and someone just want's to get rid of them. Yay for free stuff!. I came across this piece outside by the dumpster, and I was on the look out for a piece of furniture for my kitchen that could save as extra storage and as a buffet style for when I had people over. I immediately saw potential in this piece and dragged it up to my place. Truthfully it took me weeks before I got started on refurbishing it, I was busy finish off the semester. Once I had the chance I got started. I already knew I wanted to paint it a bold color, and I wanted to stain the top. I also decided that two shelves would be better than 3. We bought new wood for the shelves, because the previous ones were actually just used to hold the drawers to the dresser so they would have not been sturdy enough. I also bought wood putty to fix a few cracks in the piece, that was my first time experimenting with wood putty and it was super duper easy. I stained the top with a Mahogany Bombay stain, and painted the rest turquoise. All in all it turned out so great, my husband helped with a lot of the harder work. And I'm loving my new buffet/extra storage space in my kitchen.

Here are a few pictures of the process, one thing I didn't mention is to make sure you do this project outside in a ventilated area, we did move the stuff back and forth due to the weather. if you work inside just make sure to cover your floors and open up windows for ventilation. 

That stain was way to close to my carpet don't be like me guys! Way to risky

06 January 2015

New Pillow Cases

Last year I posted about wanting to give my apartment a makeover. It's been a slow progress, but it's getting done. A simple thing as changing out your pillow covers can make a big difference. Lucky for me my mother in law was visiting and her interior design skills really came in handy. We took a ride to the nearest Joan's picked out fabric that matched the apartment. I used my old pillow forms to save some bucks. I looked around and the pillows I wanted were around $20 a piece. Making them ourselves costed me around $10 per pillow! Can't beat that. And it's fun making thing yourself. 

Take a look at some before and after shots


01 January 2015

New Year New Blog

photo credit: Pintrest

Happy New year! 

It kind of just snuck up on me, you too? Anyways, there has been a lot of changes with me and the blog. I'm not even sure if the same people who used to read will find this as I've changed my blog name. no more Allthatsheis although I did like that blog name however Sincerely Saida just kind of stuck with me, plus now I'm Sincerely Saida on all of my social media yay! works out better that way. Since I'm no longer the owner of Allthatsheis.com, it won't direct you to my blog any longer. But I plan to announce this on other social media as well so that hopefully you'll find yourself back to the blog.

 I have a lot of goals for the coming year for the blog. as far as the goals I had for 2014 they were not all met, but I can't help but be content with how everything worked out. One thing I've learned is definitely that you get the results you work for. The rest and extra comes from God :)

I wish you all a happy new year and hope you have the best year of your life!