08 April 2014

Desk Make Over

Hello Dear Readers
Remember my Chair make over? If not check it out here, it got another makeover lol, along with this beautiful desk that I found on Craigslist for $15 what a steal! I was so excited to redo it, I already had it all planned out, I was inspired by  www.Pickandpainted.blogspot.com she has a lot of furniture makeover projects. Check her out

I started by taping the top of the table, I wanted it to be a dark wood color, while the rest of the table would be a white color. I applied about 4-5 coats of white paint, this was the easy part.

I thought staining the top would be easy peasy, and if you follow my Instagram, you would think I got this done pretty easily as well. That was not the case at all, I did end up staning it really dark which is what I wanted, and it looked pretty and shiny, I thought it was just a matter of waiting for the stain to dry, so I waited and waited and waited, 2-3 days and it was still not dry, it was left with a tacky feeling to it, so I had to do research in retrospect I probably should have done that before I started lol, anyways hindsight is always 20/20. Of course hubby had to come to the rescue as always, and help me fix it. I ended up having to remove ALL the stain that had been on there for 3 days, sand it down, and stain it again. This way the more correct way lol, which still ended up taking 2 days because I wanted it really dark, it still didn't get as dark as I had planned, but I'm really satisfied with the turn out. we also got some polyurethane clear gloss finish to give it a nice shiny look. And after all that I was finally done and able to use my desk.

Let me know what you think guys...


  1. Beautiful, I love your desk and the decorations. Good Job!

    1. Thank you Abeautiful, I was happy with the outcome too :)

  2. mashallah sis you have so much patience! and it turned out amazing!! This post is defiantly a motivation to get me into some DIY's, Great blog!! :)


Let me know what you think :)