26 February 2014

Apartment Living

Hello my dear readers,

I think for most people apartment living is something they consider temporarily, not really embracing it as their home. I’ve been guilty of that myself, thinking “what’s the point we will move anyway”. Whenever I had a design idea I would put it off. I would like to change that way of thinking and actually see our apartments as our permanent home, as if we were to never move. Even if we do move in the future, I’ll cross that bridge later, for now this is our home and I’m determined to make it so. I like for our home to be as pleasant and comfortably as possible after all this is where I spend most of my time. I love watching home tours on other peoples blogs, and most of them live in houses so they do big renovations and changes, which of course I won’t be able to do because of the rules of our complex. Some apartments won’t even let you paint. But that’s okay, there are many other things you can do to give your apartment a makeover. Besides most apartments come with neutral colors, so you can really play around with your decor ideas, to match your own color scheme. So I went to my favorite inspiration guide for help, Pintrest, you can check out my Pintrest here. I also don’t want to spend a fortune, so I’ll be doing a lot of DIY’s projects, which makes it even better for me. My design inspiration comes from my husband always pretending that we live on the beach, we’re blessed to have one of the best locations for our apartment, the sun shines right into our living room, so we always get to see the sunrise in the morning, and enjoy the moonlight at night. Another reason why this will be exciting is the fact that I’ll be blending a l]ot of my husband’s stuff and my stuff together, things we each had separately before we got married. Anywho, let me share with you guys my picture inspiration for our living room, and of course when I actually finish our living room makeover I’ll show you guys the end results with before and after pics. 

I love the idea of blending pillow patterns. I'll buy some fabric and sew pillow covers for my current pillows.

I have a big ottoman right now, and while it's nice to put your feet on, it doesn't really work for placing your cup of tea. I plan to replace our ottoman with a small coffee table preferably white or distressed white.

I don't know about having a shelf, but I like the decor colors, we have a lot of books, so maybe a bookcase or two instead, mixed with some of these decorating ideas. 

We have an ugly looking grey trunk right now, we use it to store shoes in, I think with a bit of fixing and hand paint, I could make it look like this.  Then I would use it to store our prayer rugs instead.

I love this color for curtains

A neutral colored rug, would tie everything together, I love the pattern in this one, but there are many styles that could go well with the overall idea, as long as the color is neutral.

Let me know what you think of my ideas, do you have any suggestions?