26 December 2013

Getting started

For a while I've been thinking of starting my own blog, I've been so excited and I couldn't wait to finally get it up. Hubby even bought me my own domain and came up with a cool name for my blog. Then the design was done, the layout was pretty much settled. Now to the hardest part the writing?

Well I found that sometimes you need to just say type what's on your mind. You see, I have all these thoughts and ideas running through my mind of various things and topics I want to talk about, and I tell myself I'll write it down, but it never happens. I've been doing that for years now, and guess what other people start talking about these things I was thinking about. This has happened way to many times. I continued to find myself reading a blog and thinking "I was just thinking that".

So now I've finally started a blog. It's time I contribute and give back a little to the blogging community. I truly enjoy reading great blogs, and many of them have inspired me to start my own..to see the blogs I read and get inspiration from Click here 

Another reason why I really wanted to start blogging was to challenge myself to stay active and progressive. I want to look back at my thoughts and see the progress I've made. What better way than to just blog about my experiences and be able to look back at where I started out. I've never been a creative person, but that side of me is definitely starting to appear, and I want to share that.

Sincerely Saida

P.S Welcome and thank you for reading