30 August 2016

On Noah Turning One

Last week we celebrated Noah's first birthday. I can't believe he has turned one year old! to me he is still my little baby. He didn't have a clue of course that he turned one, we celebrated his birthday very simply by just getting some balloons, and having dinner at the park. He was as happy as he always is we bought cupcakes and a little candle, but ate the cupcakes before we could add the candle and forgot all about it, whoops that's what happens when you have two older kids who are extremely excited about cupcakes. It couldn't have been a better day. I just want to share these pictures that I managed to capture that day.

26 August 2016

On Nurseries and Goals

Hello guys!

I recently shared Noah's nursery tour on my youtube channel, and I figured I would post a few pictures that I wanted to remember from the day his room was clean. Just kidding. Actually it's not that bad, we do clean ups, but let's be real kids can never keep a place clutter free. For me the thing that makes it work, is not having a lot of toys. He barely even plays with everything he has now, so to not overwhelm myself with cleaning I keep only the toys I know he loves and will play with. Anyways, if you didn't see the tour, or if you would like to pin some of these pictures for inspiration here you go. I'll list where everything is from as well.

Rocker Glidder: BabiesRus

Honey Comb Shelves* : Target
Picture Frames*: Target
Wooden Letter*: Target
Succulents: Target
* Note I painted all of them to my desired look, if you find them in Target they will be plain *

Oscar : Target

Nesting dolls: Amazon
Wooden toys: Gifts from family and friends

Crib: Target
Arrows: Target

Pillow: Target
Sheets: Target

Rug: Target
Blanket: Target

World Globe: Target
Mon oculars: Amazon
Vintage notebook: Hubby

Vintage Guitar: Hubby's Grandma

20 July 2016

On Realities

Today I want to share a topic that has been on my heart for a long time. It can be hard to open up about these topics because of fear of judgement. But today I'm putting that fear aside, in hopes that by sharing my thoughts and experience I can open up discussion and hopefully encourage others who may be experiencing the same feelings. I have been dealing with depression and anxiety, it's something that I've been dealing with for years, and it has definitely gotten better over time, however I still experience relapses and periods of times where I'm just lost about what to do. I'm sharing this because I finally have gotten to a stage where I feel comfortable talking about it,  and I've finally figured out how to deal with it as well. Depression can be different for everyone, in the past I didn't even classify it as depression because I thought that was way to serious of a term to be using about my condition. I've personally never sought professional help simply because I knew enough to know that I was definitely experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety, but I didn't want to be put in box and I feared that the only solution would be medication. However if you are experiencing severe symptoms that are harmful to yourself or others please seek medical attention and advice from people with far more knowledge than I have. I'm not a physician or health care provider so don't take my advice here, I'm only sharing my experience and the steps I've taken to be able to move forward.

So what is depression? I honestly believe that when we feel depressed it's our bodies telling us to change something, to fix something or acknowledge a problem that we have been ignoring, and by continuing to ignore the problem we only find ourselves getting into a deeper depression. I personally tend to find ways to numb this feeling, by not letting myself feel or deal with the issues at hand and this only makes the issues harder. Part of me blogging about it is a way for me to be open and honest about what I'm going through mostly with myself. Depression definitely affects your relationships with others and especially your relationship with yourself. It has made me feel worthless, and unloved. I've even been in stages where I've honestly believed that no one in the world loved me. I know dramatic right? But that's what depression can do. And if you feel that way, please know that you can get better, and that your reality is so much bigger than the moment you're feeling down.

Everyone can be depressed and anxious for different reason. I'm not going to get into the reasons for my depression. In this blog post I really just want to focus on how to get better, and share those tips with you.

 The number one thing I would advice anyone going through the feelings of depression and anxiety is to find someone to talk to about it. Luckily for me I've been able to share this with my husband and a friend. It's also helped me to seek help through books and listening to motivational speakers. If you feel like you don't have anyone who you can talk to then look for people who have gone through the same thing. There are many videos on youtube offering advice and support. And there are many self help books out there. I would be happy to recommend some.

Don't ignore your feelings, your body is asking for your attention, and if something is wrong believe me it wont go away, you can suppress it for a while, but the feeling will continue to come back. Don't just spend hours watching movies, or being on social media to avoid your reality. We live with so many distractions these days, that we find it terrifying to even take a moment to listen to our own thoughts.

Start healthy habits. Meditation, praying, whatever floats your boat. Anything that will keep you aware and present is helpful to repair your mind. I find that writing down my feelings help me keep perspective of what is going on, and when I read my thoughts, sometimes I find that I don't even agree with what I just wrote, but it helps clear my mind of unhealthy thoughts and emotions.

There are many methods that are out there, these are just a few that I'm sharing for now. I'm still working on incorporating other habits into my own life that I feel like my body is asking for. It's a journey and I'm not trying to rush to get to any state, It's better to learn through this journey, get to know yourself, and what you want out of life. Personally I'm discovering a lot of things about myself that I never knew, or never really admitted to myself.

Please excuse any mistakes I've made in this blog post, I hope that someone can benefit from it and understand that we all have struggles in our lives no matter how perfect our lives may seem on the outside we all have things that we deal with and are trying to overcome. I'm excited to share my personal journey and growth here on my blog I think that one of the most wonderful things we can do is share our experiences and help each other.

Thank you for reading this...

Sincerely Saida

28 April 2016

On Figuring things out

I know I'm not consistent with my blogs, and as of now I'm not even going to pretend to try. I basically am just writing this because I'm in the mood to post something on my blog. I never really wanted to do blogging as a job, it's more of an outlet to express myself, my ideas, sometimes even my feelings and dreams. Lately I've been busy with finishing up spring semester, and I thought to myself, okay after this semester I'll get back into filming Youtube and Blogging more. Well to be honest, if it's not spring semester it will be something else, Ramadan, Fall semester, Kids, Homeschool, Baby. See where I'm getting at? Well honestly I've learned that there will always be something keeping me busy that's the reality of my life. My message to myself first and foremost is that if you truly love doing something you'll find time for it no matter what. Does that mean I don't love blogging or filming Youtube. No. I do. I love being creative, and I love inspiring others to be creative as well. So I'm working on finding time for this hobby of mine. I'm working on getting myself out of a state of mind that tells me that I will get to it right after this, or right after that. Why not now? It's a process and I'm starting to see the fruits of changing my mindset. I recently joined the gym, and it's been bringing me so much joy! I'm so much stronger and happier than I've been in a long time. Once I feel confident enough to talk about that I will share that with you all. Until then I'll leave you with this quote that I saw on Instagram.
XOXO Sincerely Saida